Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Sweet Fantasy Cams?
A) Sweet Fantasy Cams is a live cam shared network and a live private cam show network

Q) What does it cost me to perform on Sweet Fantasy Cams?
A) Its free for you to signup and perform on SFC.

Q) Do I have to do both cam shows on the shared network as well as the private shows?
A) No, you can do either shared network cam shows or private shows or both. However we recommend doing both as the shared network shows is a way of advertising for you to get fans to do private shows with you, and a way to build up your fan base.

Q) How do I get started?
A) Go to the model sign up page and enter your information. After you submit your info, you will receive a second email within 24-48 hours with a link to the model release and the info needed for you to get us your id as well. After, that info is sent in. You will then be given access to the network to schedule live shows.

Q) What is a shared cam network?
Every performer on the live shared network can put the network in their own members area to entertain their members 24 hours a day. Fans do not have to pay to see these network shows. What it does for you is add live content to your members area and brings you more exposure. This is also a great way to get fans interested in doing private shows with you.

Q) How many shared network shows do I have to do per month to be eligible to get access to the network for my members area?
A) To be on the shared cam network and get access to the network for your members area you are required to do four cam shows per month. Each cam show is 1 hour.

Q) Do I get bonus content for my members area if I perform live shows on the shared network?
A) Yes if you do 4 live cam shows per month on the SFC shared cam network you get access to all the live shows on SFC as well as access to all of your archived cam shows for your members area.

Q) What is a private cam show network?
The private cam network is where you go one on one with a fan to perform and you get paid per minute.

Q) If I do private cam shows on Sweet Fantasy Cams how much do I get paid?
A) You have a few different options on what you can charge per minute. From there you will receive a percentage of what SFC, LLC charges the customer. It all depends on what you charge per minute. All of the rates are explained on the model release.
**Also if you signup to our affiliate program and refer the sale for the private show, you also get paid as an affiliate on top of your standard payout with SFC. So you could earn up to 60% of the sale for your private shows.