1) You must perform a minimum of 4 live network cam shows per month. Each show has to be 1 hour in length. You can do more but must do at least 4 to receive free access to the Sweet Fantasy Cams network of live adult stars.

2) There is zero tolerance on Sweet Fantasy Cams for any illegal acts. Such as urination, defecation, vomiting or any violant sexual acts like choking. There is also no talk or promotion of these acts by any performer. No talk or promotion of any drug use, escorting or prostitution. SFC is all about pleasure, fun experiences and will not tolerate any illegal acts.

3) If you choose to have a guest performer on with you, you must have a guest release and the other performers ID filled out and emailed to us PRIOR to the show. Also email the info about the show, the date of the show and the guest performers stage name.

Keep in mind if you have a guest on you are responsible for that performers actions. They need to follow all SFC rules or YOU will be removed off of the SFC network.

4) You will receive free access to the SFC live network if you perform the required 4 live shows per month. Your access is for YOUR members area only.

5) Our goal is to put on entertaining live cam shows so please do not promote your website the entire shows. When you log into the SFC network from your members area you will see under your video window that we are linking to your site as well as a couple other places. So please do not spend the whole show plugging your official website. You may plug your official website at the beginning and end of your show. There will be zero tolerance to excessive spamming during your live shows.

Please make sure you have read and understand the model release you signed and sent us. Please follow all the rules and we all will be happy working together. You can contact us at anytime if you have questions.